When we arrived at Mas Vinyoles it had been uninhabited for some years. Since the major refurbishment carried out in the 18th century, the house had survived without any substantial changes and was in pretty poor condition.
October 2011 saw the start of a thorough rehabilitation project, which lasted 28 months and provided the farmhouse with a wide variety of fully integrated spaces: the hub, the family residence and the agricultural and forestry management areas of the estate, the latter carried out by the Sambucus Social Integration Cooperative, focusing on organic farming and aromatic plants.
The renovation was carried out respecting the house’s history and its traditional construction, seeking out the right balance between incorporating modern elements and keeping features that give the Mas Vinyoles its unique character, which had for years been inhabited by its owners and tenant farmers, who worked its land. Its noble but unpretentious character, refined but practical at the same time, has been preserved insofar as possible.
Among other things, the refurbishment has kept intact the farmhouse’s fireplaces, larder and the “common area” on the first floor. The flooring and roofing of all the buildings have been completely redone, using the original materials (beams, roof tiles, floor tiles, interior doors, etc.) insofar as possible, without sacrificing end usability and comfort.
The process of rehabilitating Mas Vinyoles was done entirely according to environmental and energy sustainability criteria, incorporating the latest technologies in order to achieve an efficient system and a balance with its natural environment.
• Forest management for the planned clearing of the forest and the utilization of biomass.
• Water management combining the municipal water supply, a well and tank, and harnessing rainwater.
• Waste water treatment with a controlled septic tank.
• Selective collection of solid waste.
• Recovery of habitats and species.
• Thermal energy: a biomass plant for heating, hot water and heating the indoor pool. Radiant heat distribution.
• Electricity: *semi-autonomous 22 kW photovoltaic plant (roof-integrated) with external electrical power backup line (which contributes 25% per annum), without transfer of surplus. (The existing power line is not powerful enough and is of poor quality)
• Solar aromatic herb dryer.
• Comprehensive monitoring of electrical and thermal generation and consumption.
• Smart Tech: The 24 parking spaces have a wireless parking sensor, a demonstrative sign of Smart technologies, with the collaboration of the company Urbiotica.
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08572 Sant Pere de Torelló
Telèfon: +34 688 865 687

You can find Mas Vinyoles from the following GPS coordinates:
X = 441,509.50
Y = 4,656,191.59
Length 2,293129454N
Latitude 42,055603951E