Generator of business ideas. Always focused on our areas of specialisation (Clean Tech and Smart Tech), business ideas can come from our own team, from the business environment or from networking activities we undertake or that are suggested to us by entrepreneurs. As a priority we involves ourselves in innovative, scalable, technologically-based projects that could work internationally, either products or services.

Following a preliminary project analysis, it is decided whether to continue on with the project, depending on its feasibility, strategic interest and if it is possible to mobilize the resources required to implement it.

The project team will be created from staff among the Mas Vinyoles VF team and their collaborators.

As early on as possible, a person or team of entrepreneurs shall join the project team.

Following the second level of analysis of the project, if we decide to renew the decision to go ahead, a work plan will be drawn up for the development phase of the business plan and to develop the product. A letter of intent will be written by all parties, as the seedbed for a future partnership agreement. This letter shall establish the criteria for the initial distribution of shares for the future company.

Once the business plan has been drawn up and the product specifications, the financial projections and the financing plan have been developed, the decision to go ahead with the project and disburse the initial funds will, if necessary, be ratified. It is normally at this point that the corresponding company is set up.

The development process for the business plan and the product will be carried out by applying concepts of “lean development”, so as to adjust the resources used to the greatest extent possible vs. the assessment risk taken at all times.

As the project generator and main investor, MVVF will play a crucial role (usually one of control in an initial phase). In any case, the Venture Building modality of Mas Vinyoles VF will continue until the project has been consolidated, discarding the speculative Venture Building, as a general rule.

Throughout the process, the role of Mas Vinyoles VF will be particularly pro-active in the initial phases, but will gradually leave the initiative and weight of the project to the entrepreneurial team, while maintaining active involvement in corporate governance.

This process could result in the organisation of a first round of funding for the company, inviting the participation of third party investors.

The synergies between the various projects produced will be encouraged, as well as in Mas Vinyoles VF’s corporate and institutional environment.
We opt for quality, not quantity, and for the interest and viability of the projects being promoted.


08572 Sant Pere de Torelló
Telèfon: +34 688 865 687

You can find Mas Vinyoles from the following GPS coordinates:
X = 441,509.50
Y = 4,656,191.59
Length 2,293129454N
Latitude 42,055603951E