Cleantech is associated with companies which offer products or services related to renewable energies, energetic efficiency, material recycling, the efficient use of natural resources, green mobility, and facilitating productive processes that reduce their environmental footprint and carbon emissions. This sector has been making great strides over the past few decades, but it still has an even longer way to go, and its future is assured thanks to technological advances, cost reductions, the structural increase in the cost of fossil fuel sources, and an increasing global social-political consensus on combating climate change.


Smart Tech belongs to the emerging sector of companies that offer products and services aimed at the generation of mass data and intelligent data processing to create online information that is useful on many levels (production processes, market studies, administration governance, citizen participation processes, the optimisation of public services, etc.). When applied to urban areas, it is called Smart Cities, and Big Data or Data Mining in relation to data processing and use, and the Internet of Things (IoT) when talking about the connectivity between objects, machines and persons. The combined emergence of various technologies (with large capacities, high performance and adjusted costs) augurs well for the dramatic growth of the Smart Tech sector over the coming years and decades.


08572 Sant Pere de Torelló
Telèfon: +34 688 865 687

You can find Mas Vinyoles from the following GPS coordinates:
X = 441,509.50
Y = 4,656,191.59
Length 2,293129454N
Latitude 42,055603951E