What is Mas Vinyoles Hub?

Mas Vinyoles is an innovation centre set in a rural environment, promoting entrepreneurship and co-working.
Mas Vinyoles Hub has set up a Venture Factory specialised in Clean Tech and Smart Tech. It also has a Nature Co-Working service and offers a series of spaces adapted exclusively for small to mid-sized events, for both companies and individuals.
We have created a sustainable environment with efficient, renewable power facilities (FOTOVOLTAIC and BIOMASS), outdoor area and the organic cultivation of aromatic plants.


About us

For centuries, farmhouses were at the core of agricultural economic activity, important to both its inhabitants and for the local area. Now, taking advantage of new technologies, Mas Vinyoles is posing the challenge of regaining its own sustainability and its social role in an entirely innovative way.
How? With a value proposition that will be just as, or even more, enriching for the local area but, above all, one that is attractive and effective for all of those who come to work at Mas Vinyoles. The project is based on the conviction that entrepreneurial spirit and intelligence, creativity and open-mindedness must be the pillars on which to build the country and the world we want.
Innovation, cooperation and networking, along with drive, experience and support to accelerate the progress of such projects are the cornerstones that sustain Mas Vinyoles.
This privileged rural spot invites you to work hard but calmly, openly and interconnected with the opportunities that the global world of today offers us.

Ermen Llobet Martí and Pepa Bargay Berengueras, promoters and directors of Mas Vinyoles Hub
Ermen Llobet Martí and Pepa Bargay Berengueras. Promoters and Directors of Mas Vinyoles Hub.
Ermen Llobet, Pepa Bargay, Angélica Candela Bernal and David Valeriano
• Ermen Llobet, CEO of Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory
• Pepa Bargay, Promoter and Director at Mas Vinyoles Hub
• Angélica Candela Bernal, Facility Management Director
• David Valeriano, Operations and Maintenance Technician

Rehabilitation and Sustainability

The rehabilitation and sustainability process of Mas Vinyoles has enabled us to create spaces for a wide variety of uses and in a fully integrated manner, seeking out the right balance between incorporating modern elements and keeping features that give the farmhouse its distinctive 16th-century character, all the while fully respecting environmental and energetically sustainable criteria.
The architect in charge of the project was Pere Molina i Vall-llovera, from the area of Osona.

The rehabilitation and sustainability process of Mas Vinyoles has fully respecting environmental and energetically sustainable criteria



This interactive photograph allows you to visit the main areas of Mas Vinyoles.
Click on any of the areas to see a description.



The first reference to the farmhouse appears in a land sale document from 1227. It is named Vinyoles because for centuries there were vineyards on the estate, as demonstrated in references to appliances and utensils related to this type of cultivation.

Mas Vinyoles Hub. The first reference to the farmhouse appears in a land sale document from 1227.
Mas Vinyoles Hub. Initially, the estate was split between an upper and lower farmhouse, Vinyoles d'Amunt and Vinyoles d'Avall
Initially, the estate was split between an upper and lower farmhouse, Vinyoles d’Amunt and Vinyoles d’Avall, but in the mid-sixteenth century Pere Vinyoles united the two households and had a new house built, which has survived to the present day.
Over time, the owners left the house, which was then uninhabited. In 1740, the owner at the time, Hipòlit Argila, decided to rehabilitate it and to make it his home, returning it to its former splendour.
Throughout the 20th century and until the beginning of the 21st century numerous tenant farmers lived there, the last of whom, the Vilaregut family, are currently the nearest neighbours.

Cooperation Agreements and Certificates

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Mas Vinyoles is located in the municipality of Sant Pere de Torelló. To get here, you must access the municipality via the Olot-Torelló Sud entrance.

Mas Vinyoles Hub is an innovation and promotion space for entrepreneurship located in Sant Pere de Torelló

If you wish to contact us, you can fill out this form:

Mas Vinyoles – 08572 Sant Pere de Torelló
Phone: +34 663 110 423

You can find Mas Vinyoles using the following GPS coordinates:
X= 441.509,50
Y= 4.656.191,59
Length 2,293129454N
Latitude 42,055603951E
From Barcelona:
Take the C-17 towards Vic-Ripoll until exit 69 (located in the left-hand lane), heading towards Olot – South Torelló (C-37). Once on this road, choose the Torelló exit and then at the roundabout, take the Sant Vicenç de Torelló/Sant Pere de Torelló exit, and continue towards Sant Pere. When you reach the gas station at the entrance of the town, turn right just behind the petrol station, at the industrial estate. Take the third road on the left and carry on for 2.5 km following the Mas Vinyoles signpost, which will take you to a tarmacked country road.
From Girona:
Take the C-25 towards Vic and take exit 180 and take the C-17 towards Ripoll and Puigcerdà. Take exit 69 towards Olot-South Torelló (C-37) and follow the directions as if coming from Barcelona
From Olot:
Take the C-37 towards Vic and exit at the Torelló exit. From here on, continue the route marked from the roundabout onwards, which will take you to Sant Vicenç and Sant Pere de Torelló.
From Ripoll:
Take the C-17 towards Vic and exit at exit 69 towards Olot-Torelló Sud (C-37). Then follow the directions as if coming from Barcelona.
You can also get to Sant Pere from the C-17 at the prior exit, passing by Borgonyà, Vilaseca and San Vicenç de Torelló before reaching Sant Pere de Torelló.
Rodalies Renfe R3 (Torelló station).
From BCN-El Prat airport (1h and 18minutes).
From Girona airport – Costa Brava (55 minutes).